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My name is Ella Grunberger, I’m in my third and final year studying The Art of Computer Animation at Escape Studios. I have not made a game animation sequence before, I have mostly done animations for short films, and though I have followed tutorials previously for animation blueprints to test the workflow I have not implemented my own set of animations and rendered them in Unreal before.

I thought that the animations that are in the Pokémon games are a bit simplistic and boring and relied a lot on vfx. So, my main objective for this project was to make a working set of game-ready animations for a bulbasaur character, for an idea of a pokemon game I'd like to play, a little like Pokémon Legends: Arceus or Pokémon Snap, but maybe where it is more open-world rpg, less turn-based and a bit different,  allowing for longer more complex animation sequences.

I had intentions to include a more complex charge state, and an idle variation, ( I have included links to very rough first pass blockings of idle variation and my original idea for the charge state in my documentation  if interested) . However, close to the deadline my external hard drive containing my latest files for the project got wiped and I got set back quite a bit recovering the files and re-doing a lot of the progress I had made so I ended up priorisiting the attack sequence and polishing those instead.

Install Instructions:

After opening the project in Unreal, it should open and automatically find everything. The sequence used showing all the animations is called ShotSequence if needed to scrub through.


Unreal Project
Bulbasaur_Unreal_Presentation 344 MB
SFAS Ella Grunberger Documentation.pdf 1 MB

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